Advocacy for the Homeless

Georgatos on the campaign for Homeless Friendly Precincts:

“Georgatos describes homeless friendly precincts “as a sliver of human dignity” and the “least we can do, that is if we believe ourselves pursuant of a civil society”. Georgatos writes prolifically for The Stringer, a site edited by media academic and PhD researcher, Jennifer Kaeshagen. But The Stringer is no ordinary online news site. The Stringer is all about campaigning for one cause after another, about working to a better world. Kaeshagen is also the founder of the First Nations Homelessness Project and secures homes, shelter and essential resources for chronically homeless families and individuals.”

“Georgatos has stated that these homeless friendly precincts should be in “every major hub of every Australian city and town”. he argues that these precincts can be as little as “a few hundred square metres” of “small storage lockers, showers, laundries, a treatment space, rest area” and where providers can come to assist the homeless. He said these precincts could organise rostered services such as a barber. But he said that they can grow to be much more including extended precincts “of disused public dwellings” where food halls can provide meals with dignity, where beds can be provided. He stated that there are many disused public buildings in many locations throughout Perth. He has secured the support of some of Perth’s mayors, of every state politican that he has lobbied so far and he is continuing this charge.” – Louise Tan, journalist.