Early Life

Gerry Georgatos’ early life included Marxist inklings but a predominant disposition that compassion belongs to everyone and by tapping into compassion we can urge humanity from its pathways to obvious calamities and to restored hope.  In his school years he was a rebellious thinker and despite a strong intellect was a non-conformist. At 9 years of age his IQ was measured twice, with the lower at 193. He is trilingual; English, Greek and Russian.


He rarely discusses his life and is an issue focused individual. “My life does not matter, no-one’s life matters in any sincere public interest discourse. What matters is the scheme of things it’s the whole picture we need to view and understand, not just a pixel, not just a tree in the forest. Everyone matters, we are collective, we are not individuals. No-one is larger than life. We need to turn away from the dangerous lie of the individual.” Gerry Georgatos.


Gerry Georgatos has campaigned for animal rights and liberation, prison reform, restorative justice, equality, ways forward from racism and he has championed the rights of the homeless and the most vulnerable. He has spent most of his life crafting outcomes and ways forward, even legislation from behind-the-scenes, however in recent years he has increasingly faced the media and publicly-led justice causes in order to expedite outcomes.