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Wheelchairs of Kids is a registered charity based in Perth, Western Australia. No-one at Wheelchairs for Kids is remunerated. More than 150 retiree volunteers develop, build and assemble rough terrain children’s wheelchairs. The wheelchairs are built in accordance to World Health Organisation guidelines for rough terrain use. They have increased tensile strength, puncture proof tyres and should last with minimal maintenance for the duration of a childhood. To date (January 2016), Wheelchairs for Kids has donated more than 35,000 rough terrain children’s wheelchairs to 71 countries.

It’s all about improving the lot of others. There is no greater legacy.

We are but a raindrop to the unmet need but it all counts. We continue to increase production output.

To either support or to organise fundraising for Wheelchairs for Kids email Gerry Georgatos at ggeorgatos@wheelchairsforkids.org